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Colocation is about locating your Servers, in a facility that has a Network infrastructure capable of supporting the change that is being brought about with Cloud based applications.  As more of your applications become SOA compliant and you begin to use the services of SaaS providers you will want to host your Core Data Bases and Servers in a communications neutral multi Carrier facility.  The Cloud is more than just utilizing on demand Virtual resources.  It is the coming to age of Solution Based Computing tied together by the Network giving you access to a dispersed set of Application Solutions that meet the needs of your organizations.

The key to selecting a Colocation provider is the Network infrastructure that they have in place.  The investment that a Carrier needs to make in a data center is very substantial if it is going to meet the high availability demands of a dispersed Cloud (SaaS) environment.  Unless you are a Fortune 100 company a Carrier is not going to make that investment in your organization, and to expect multiple Carriers to do so is highly improbable.  That is why Colocation makes sense for most companies.  The need to have access to multiple Carriers for redundancy and backup, not to mention competitive network should be critical to your decision.

Equally important when selecting a Colocation Provider is the knowledge and experience of their Network Engineers and Technicians.  To manage a multi Carrier environment requires the proper infrastructure and technical expertise.  We at SMS can provide you world class capabilities on both fronts.  As a company we have over 400 technicians dedicated to the monitoring and management of Networks.

To take advantage of the much larger scales in both Servers and Networks requires a critical mass that your company does not have.  If you are going to outsource your Hosting what you want is a reliable Service Provider that can provide a Flexible ‘Pay for Use’ model of computing.  We at SMS have built our business around that model before it became common.

  • We host your servers in the best Data Centers in the market, guaranteeing the basic elements necessary for continuous service.
  • Our servers are the latest generation: high-performance hardware that meets the reliability and redundancy you expect.
  • We use a purpose designed, scalable storage network to ensure maximum performance and data security.
  • We offer High Bandwidth connections with redundancy utilizing four Tier 1 providers connected to their own Autonomous System, allowing us to guarantee network availabitity visibility.
  • Our centers are ISO 2000-certified facilities using the best quality-assurance practices in ITIL Methodology.
Scalable infrasctructure

Element Blocks

  • High Density Server
  • Multi-Core Processors 64 GIG
  • External SAN (SAS) Storage
  • 10G  Multi Switches Fabric

Cloud and Managed Hosting

SMS wants to earn your business; whether it is Colocation, Hosting, or a fully managed environment.

The Cloud can accommodate everything from your Production Servers, to your Desk Top.  We utilize VMware but in a private Cloud we can build your Virtual Machines using Hyper-V, or XenServer.

Scalable infrasctructure
  • SMS offers a scalable infrastructure that is both powerful and failure-resistant, based on a market-leading virtualization architecture.  
  • Our infrastructure is optimized for desktop virtualization environments capable of simultaneously managing thousands of virtual machines without performance loss.
  • Includes fail-safe mechanisms that assure continuity of O/S System Functions.
  • All the advanced functions of VMware vSphere are applied to the desktop:
    • Memory Overcommit
    • Distributed Resource Scheduling
    • Vmotion
    • Fault Tolerance
    • High Availability

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