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Using ISO 30300 for the strategic management of your organization

Implement a management system that facilitates jointly efficiency and transparency of your organization, a better information management has a direct impact in your rentability.

Your organization operates efficiently? Depends mainly how the information and corporate records are managed, directly affecting its ability to compete and comply with regulations.

Obtaining certification on Management System Standards , will provide your organization with a strategic and strong tool for a systematic and verifiable structure in an environment that encourages good business practices.

Two new ISO standards will help your organization to disclose corporate information:

  • ISO 30300:2011, Information and documentation - Management systems for records - Fundamentals and vocabulary.
  • ISO 30301:2011, Information and documentation - Management systems for records – Requirements.

These standards have been developed to be compatible with and complementary to other management system standards (MSSs), such as ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management), and ISO/IEC 27001 (information security management).

Benefits of MSR certification:

  • To improve your corporate image
  • Obtain a prior position in market
  • To provide top management with a roadmap to implement a records framework
  • Use of internationally accepted model to establish and implement objectives

Grupo SMS records management consulting practice, capitalizes on the extensive experience of our Records Managers with years of experience in this field. We deliver workable solutions for our clients. Projects include:

  • Developing enterprise records policies and procedures (in compliance of new ISO 30300)
  • Developing corporate governance models detailing records management roles and responsibilities
  • Conducting needs assessments for electronic records management (ERM) technology and storage
  • Measuring current records management practices against national and international standards and making recommendations for improvement
  • Auditing records management policy application throughout the organization