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Network Administration

SMS offers a complete solution for the management and provisioning of your Network.  Our technical staff and Technology partners provide state of the art solutions that improve throughput at a cost that will surprise you.

Our team of engineers have an average of (4+Years Experience) and work as a team in the Implementation, Management and Problem Resolution of Software and Network Hardware issues that affect your business.

Our Network teams resume includes the following capabilities:

  • Security Expert using access control firmware (Firewalls) to control access and prevent external attacks that can degrade or imperil performance.
  • Experience using IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) to identify intrusion sites or high risk locations.  Ability to create exceptions so that acceptable access is not denied.
  • Ability to architect VPN tunnels that are practical and secure.
  • Experience in Packet Capture Analysis to improve network performance, identify intruder sites, improve overall security, and eliminate access to unauthorized sites.
  • Ability to architect a fabric (LAN) infrastructure that supports the performance criteria of the underlining applications and services being provided. Needs to have experience in designing environments with minimal or no single points of failure while reducing the high cost of redundancy.
  • Ability to architect a (WAN) infrastructure that supports the performance criteria of the underlining applications. Needs to have experience in designing environments with minimal or no single points of failure while reducing the high cost of redundancy.
  • Traffic Engineering experience (QoS) so that the network can be constantly tuned to optimize performance and security. Ability to establish (Class and Quality) of service to meet the needs of the enterprise
  • Structured Cabling Engineering so that maintenance, growth, and recovery of networks designed prior to building, the adhoc build method does not work. Management of networks is difficult if not impossible to do if the physical design is not well thought-out and maintained.
  • Route Management is critical when dealing with remote users using the internet to access their VD.  Understanding and monitoring of routes can have a dramatic impact on performance.
  • Experience in managing DNS is essential for maintaining access to the network and for D/R.

Network Security

SMS Network Security is focused on managing security threats and meeting new compliance and regulatory requirements such as SOX, PCI, HIPAA, etc.  At the same time, the number of devices, mobile users, work sites, and security threats continues to rise.

The greatest concern you have in doing business over the Internet is the security risk. Hackers, denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, identity theft, and even cyber-terrorism are very real dangers. In addition, you may wonder how to guarantee the performance and reliability of your Internet-based services. Or, you may not be certain that you have the resources and support needed to deploy and manage e-commerce services and processes.

At the foundation of a robust e-commerce infrastructure are the routers, switches, and firewalls that protect valuable business data and guard against viruses, spyware, Internet attacks, and other security concerns.  Other devices and processes and procedures can also add protection such as:

  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Encryption
  • Virtual private networks, providing encryption via the Internet
  • Layers of protection to secure your information across the company.


SMS has partnered with a vendor to provide Intrusion Detection and Protection in a Security Software-as-a-Service model built to manage security and compliance in an environment where the notion of a perimeter is disappearing. 

The concept of a traditional data center and the perimeter around it is eroding. Organizations of all kinds manage security and compliance programs that span not just their own datacenter, but also those in hosted environments and branch offices that lie outside the traditional data center. SMS with our  partner helps organizations meet the security and compliance needs spread across distributed enterprises.

With Intrusion Detection and Prevention you can now cost-effectively defend and protect your network against internal and external threats.  The SMS device offering provides 24x7 monitoring and expert guidance services from our state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC), staffed by GIAC-certified analysts and security experts. This offering also allows you to meet PCI compliance requirements at a  fraction of the cost of staffing your own team of analysts.