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Network Engineering

In many organizations the job description of a Network Engineer is more closely related to an Administrator than to an Architect.  To take advantage of the technology, and associated performance improvements you need to have a professional staff dedicated to designing Networks that are secure and perform to expectation.

The SMS job description of a Network Engineer is “Responsible for providing complex networking solutions that include highly secure and dynamic networks on an enterprise basis.  Analyzes business needs; designs, installs, and supports network solutions on one or multiple platforms in a LAN/WAN/MAN or Web Architecture. They use their expertise to creat networks that provide enterprise-wide solutions.  They lead a team of Network Administrators and is the last level of support for troubleshooting network usage and equipment issues.

Their Daily activities consist of

  • Implement complex hardware and software upgrades to meet capacity requirements.
  • Perform complex configuration changes to increase network coverage.
  • Provide technical support to assist the Technical Field Team in the resolution of faults. Act as a point of escalation.
  • Analyze and rectify complex faults on the network to meet defined service levels.
  • Support network investigation/performance routines to ensure network availability
  • Liaison with 3rd parties, customers and site providers to ensure completion of tasks.
  • Perform support tasks for the business to provide network availability