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Systems Administration

SMS offers a complete solution for the management and provisioning of your Infrastructure.  Our technical staff and Technology partners provide state of the art solutions that improve throughput at a cost that will surprise you.

Our team of engineers have an average of (4+Years Experience) and work as a team in the Implementation, Management and Problem Resolution of Software and Hardware issues that affect your business. Though an engineer can perform one or more of these tasks it is not reasonable to expect a single individual to perform all of them.

  • Experience architecting a VMware (vCenter, ESX, VDI) environment, with an understanding of capacity planning, work load analysis, and general idiosyncrasies of the software.
  • Extensive Active Directory experience is required for VDI.
  • Knowledge in the use of storage management software to automate the Back-Up and Recovery of user data. Must have the ability to architect different models of backup to meet the needs of different classes of users. Experience in different D/R archiving models to meet the budget and time to recover required of the enterprise.
  • Experience using external disk storage subsystems (NAS/SAN) that are shared by multiple environments. Experience must anticipate the changing dynamics caused by adding or removing storage from one VM to another.
  • Need to have expertise in the major OS environments (MS WIN, Linux, UX, Solaris, and AIX). Skills include problem resolution, tuning, configuration, and capacity planning.
  • Experience in Desktop/Laptop OS and MS applications.
  • Expertise in how and when to use DHCP in support of remote logon.
  • Expertise in Fabric Design so that collaboration with other technical staff responsible implementation is possible. Fabric specifications are critical to the overall performance and maintainability of a virtual environment.
  • Knowledge of DNS so that collaboration with Network engineers is seamless and productive.

The System Administration services can be provided in an Insource or Outsource model and are typically billed on a fixed cost per month, or in some cases on an incident bases.