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Telecomm Engineering Project Services

According to the changing Telecomm customer needs we design the Telecomm Engineering Project that satisfies the requirements and customer specifications. We provide the architectural diagrams at different levels of detail and also the list of materials, equipments and tasks to build the optimal telecomm solutions reducing cost and increasing quality telecomm indicators.

The SMS Telecomm Engineers provide you the completed detailed Telecomm Solutions to your needs and certify that it is running properly.

The SMS Services includes tasks as:

  • Analyze & Specify your telecomm needs
  • Telecomm Network Infrastructure design
  • Optical fiber links viability
  • Detailed Specification to deploy Optical Fiber Telecommunications
  • Electrical conduct wiring system design
  • Wireless Network design
  • Electrical Racks and Cabinet design
  • SDH Transmition Network design