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Testing & Quality Assurance

SMS provides Testing & Quality Assurance for major enterprise applications; our Telecommunications expertise has honed our knowledge of Q & A best practices.  In the Telecom world errors in Billing and Tax can mean millions of dollars to our customers. Our Testing and Q & A team is experienced in developing scripts with you that meet the most ridged of criteria.  We make sure projects are completed based on your acceptance specifications for: standards, tools, methods and functionality, without defects and potential problems.

We offer you

  • Q.A. Process that begins with business workflow to adhere to SOA standards.
  • A Test Plans developed from the same design documentations provided the development staff.
  • Quality Software bug free delivered on time and within budget, meets requirements and expectations.
  • Development of Verification and Validations procedures that you review prior to developing the detail test scripts.
  • The Test Scripts validate both Architectural specifications and Functionality of the software.
  • The Test Plan Document outlines:
    • Objectives
    • Scope
    • Approach
    • Results
  • Test Case Document that describes:
    •  Inputs
    • Actions
    • Events
    • Expected Results
  • Automate the  Testing and Q.A. process so that testing can be done in off hours so that it does not impact production.