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VoIP Administration

A successful Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) deployment requires careful consideration of; and adequate planning for the system's long-term management requirements. Your deployment and integration plans must identify the methods and technologies through which you will monitor, support, and maintain reliability across the VoIP network. Voice traffic is considerably more sensitive to network conditions than normal data traffic and your management plans must account for this fact.

That is why we believe a hosted VoIP solution is the most reliable and cost effective implementation.  Our facilities have the On Net presence of multiple Carriers which gives you the redundancy and QoS you need to operate a reliable VoIP system.

Along with VoIP management's technical requirements, you need to address potential personnel issues and functional task changes. Dedicated telecommunications personnel normally administer voice systems and conduct voice-specific tasks. As you integrate VoIP with the IP network, these responsibilities may be shifted to or shared with native data-networking staff.  But in most cases you do not have an adequate staff to manage the environment (24 X 7 X 365) without this level of staffing you put at risk your businesses ability to communicate.

The convergence of Voice IP and Data IP can provide you with substantial savings if you know how to accomplish the integration and have the capability to manage it.  We can show you a managed environment that lets you take advantage of convergence without the inherent risk that come when you attempt to do it on your own with inadequate staffing.